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Setup gcp subscription

  • Go to the Cloud Pub-Sub console and create a new topic.

  • Go back to the Pub/Sub Topics overview page, and add select Subscriptions in the left-hand navigation. Select Create Subscription.

  • Create a subscription ID kloudfuse-gcp-subscription and select the topic you previously created.

  • Go to the Logs Explorer page and click on “More actions”->”Create > ”Create sink”

  • Provide a name for the sink.

  • Choose Cloud Pub/Sub as the destination and select the pub/sub that was created for that purpose.

  • Choose what logs to include/exclude from the sink.

  • Click Create Sink and wait for the confirmation message to show up.


Add the following configuration to values.yaml while installing kloudfuse using helm and fill in the GCP pub/sub access key in the pubsubkey field

Code Block
    enabled: true
    subscriptionId: "kloudfuse-gcp-subscription"
    pubsubKey: ""