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  • Unified data lake for all observability streams (metrics, events, logs, traces, etc.) make operations breeze in comparison to disparate open source observability tools.

  • Provides reduced cost and greater security, because it is deployed within a customer's environment (VPC). 

  • Uses open standard for ingestion and querying. So never get locked in to a vendor.

  • Supports ingest of various formats for different streams (Prometheus, FileBeat, OpenTelemetry, DataDog) from many sources (Cloud, common framework, Kubernetes with more integrations added frequently), and can support a variety of scenarios of existing and new collectors.

  • Supports multiple query interfaces (PromQL, LogQL, GraphQL, SQL)

  • Provides an onboarding suite to help migrate dashboards and alerts from vendor-specific formats (DataDog/Wavefront, etc.) to the KloudFuse platform.

  • Operational ease like SaaS platforms with deployment model and functions like open source.

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