The Kloudfuse platform provides an interface to explore and analyze events, which capture occurrences of changes to the target system.

Event Sources

Agent Sources

The Kloudfuse platform supports all events collected by the Datadog agent, which includes Kubernetes and container events.

Kubernetes Events

If the Datadog agent is installed using helm, ensure that kubeStateMetricsCore is enabled.

datadog: kubeStateMetricsCore: enabled: true

Otherwise, ensure that the DD_COLLECT_KUBERNETES_EVENTS environment variable is set to true.

Other Integrations

Kloudfuse supports direct integration with AWS EventBridge. Events from AWS services and any other events sent to the EventBridge can be configured to send to Kloudfuse. Refer to for configuration instructions.


Other direct integrations are forthcoming.



The events explorer page provides an overview of all the events collected. It provides a high-level summary of the events with an event counts bar chart and the list of events collected. Each event in the list can be expanded to show more details.


Events can be filtered using the search box or through the Filters sidebar. The Filters sidebar contains the labels extracted from the events. When expanded, the label values and their counts are provided and also allow further filtering of the event list.


The events analytics page allows aggregated events to be charted with custom label grouping and filters.

The Count drop-down list specifies what to count: (everything) count all events, or if a specific label is selected, then it counts the unique values of the label.


The Group by drop-down list specifies the label to group by the events.

The roll-up every specifies the temporal grouping of the events. In the above example, 5-minute buckets are used to generate the event counts.