Artifacts (Dashboards, Alerts, Recording Rules) Onboarding

This page provides information about Dashboards and Alerts for users who are migrating from other monitoring platforms (such as Prometheus, Thanos, Mimir, Grafana, DataDog, NewRelic, Wavefront, Dynatrace, etc.) to the Kloudfuse platform. If you are such a user, then congratulations on making the right move, and read on. Otherwise, this page isn’t relevant to you.

Your dashboards and alerts are important artifacts that define how you visualize and get notified about issues in your infrastructure or applications. If you have such artifacts, then they must be under the following two categories:

  1. Either you have a Prometheus-compliant system that uses Grafana dashboards & alerts

  2. Or, you have vendor-specific (DataDog, Wavefront, NewRelic, Dynatrace, etc.) dashboards and alerts

In either case, Kloudfuse got you covered.