Monitoring all of your infrastructures in one place would be incomplete without the ability to know when critical changes are occurring. The Kloudfuse platform gives you the ability to create alerts that can actively check for configured invariants in data coming from metrics, logs & traces.

The Kloudfuse platform has taken a flexible, yet simple and powerful approach to alerting. It keeps net new users who are new to any alerting platform, users who are used to vendor platforms, and users who are used to Grafana alerting in mind at the same time. To that effect following options are available.

  1. Migrating alerts from vendor platforms to open telemetry-compatible (PromQL) platforms (such as Kloudfuse)

  2. Grafana alerting is embedded within Kloudfuse UI for users who want to use Grafana alerting with a Prometheus-compatible data source for metrics & logs.

  3. Kloudfuse-managed alerting for everyone.

In addition, Kloudfuse platform comes bundled with infrastructure alerts. To learn more click here.

Importing alerts

To import alerts from another source, please follow the instructions at

Grafana alerts

We understand if you are used to Grafana and would like to continue using it for your alerting. Therefore Kloudfuse embeds Grafana UI in its UI where you can use Grafana just the way you’d like.

From here on all functionalities that you use Grafana with should be available as is. For more on how to use Grafana Alerting, you can follow Grafana Alerting documentation.

Preinstalled infrastructure and self-monitoring alerts

Kloudfuse stack comes installed with a few very useful infrastructure (K8s and physical resource) alerts which are designed to be functional in any k8s based environment out the box. It also has in-built alerts which are useful for “self-monitoring” (to get notified if the Kloudfuse stack itself is having functional issues). However, the user is required to configure the notifications so that they can be notified when the alert is firing. The preinstalled alerts can be reviewed and edited from the main alerting page.

Kloudfuse platform managed alerts

Read more about Kloudfuse managed alerts here.