Collection of GCP Metrics

Create Credentials File

  • In the Google Cloud console, go to Menu menu > IAM & Admin > Service Accounts. Go to Service Accounts.

  • Select your service account (or create a new one).

    • Ensure that the service account has “MONITOR VIEWER” permissions to collect GCP metrics.

  • Click Keys > Add key > Create new key.

  • Select JSON, then click Create. ...

  • Click Close.


Create Kubernetes Secret

Create a Kubernetes secret from the credentials file.

kubectl create secret generic kfuse-sd-secret --from-file=<credentials json file> -n kfuse

Configure Kloudfuse to start collecting metrics.

Update the helm values with the following configuration. Update the corresponding projectId of the GCP account and update the typePrefixes to collect the metrics from relevant services of GCP as described here.


kfuse-cloud-exporter: Prometheus-stackdriver-exporter: enabled: true stackdriver: httpTimeout: 30s maxRetries: 3 ## gcp project id projectId: "YOUR PROJECT ID" ## create this secret with access credentials to gcp account serviceAccountSecret: kfuse-sd-secret metrics: typePrefixes: ""